Add a blog to your website and turn your knowledge and experience into sales

Google wants to give its users the right answer to any question asked, to that end companies that offer usable and useful content are now considered to be of a higher value than those who don't.

Google has a bunch of things it takes into consideration when offering websites to users based on their search enquiries, but their focus has increasingly moved towards promoting websites that deliver high quality content with a real world value to the end user.

If you run a business you can use this to your benefit by adding a news or blog section to your website and adding customer friendly content that taps in to that reservoir of knowledge and experience you have from spending years and years doing what you do.

Right now there are people on Google looking for your services, and having a blog or news section will improve your chances of getting your business in front of them. By having a blog or news section, almost every job can be turned into content, and as long as what you create meets the needs and wants of any potential customer your business will benefit from it.

When potential customers visit those pages and read about the work you have done, each page will tell them you are in demand, you are reliable, your work is of a high standard, on budget and on time, and if you add decent photos and get a testimonial from every client, it will help turn potential customers into the real thing.

Every post can be PR gold, because the simple act of talking about a job or project is giving your potential customer the information they need to make an informed decision and reduce any risk or wariness they may be feeling. In simple terms, adding good blog or news posts that point to your ability to do what the customer needs will be good for your business.

Search engines such as Google aren't the only way you can get the word out. If you have lots of high quality content, link your blog to your Facebook and Twitter pages to generate even more interest in your website. Also, don't forget there are numerous expert blogs and forums that also need content, so you can market to those as well.

Having a blog and news section on your website is a brilliant way to get new business, it only takes a few hours a month to keep on top of it, the set up costs are marginal and if done properly your business will reap the rewards.

Here are a few of the benefits of having a business blog:

It will give your company a voice, and drive traffic to your website through the increased exposure your posts generate on search engines.

It will show visitors that you are an authority in your field, and will help toward establish your business as a service, market or industry leader.

It will humanise your company and help develop long term relationships with your customers.

It is an extremely simple and cost effective way to promote a business, especially when you consider the secondary benefits a post can deliver through word of mouth and social sharing.

It will keep you focused on creating targeted content that has a marketable value to your business.

It will help generate more leads and sales, especially for companies that can create a lot of engaging and useful content that meets the needs of those visiting.

It will increase the time your visitors spend on your website, the more content you have of interest, the more likely they are to stay, read some more and eventually make contact.

It will help your local search engine ranking through the increase in use of location and service based keywords found naturally within your posts.

It will help your link building strategy by creating posts that involve talking about other businesses you will have come into contact with.

It's free PR, especially when you consider the opportunities that may arise from those who seek out your knowledge e.g. journalists.

If having read this you like the idea of having your own blog or news section, but you can't commit the time to do it yourself, we'd be happy to take care of it for you. We can create a management plan that takes care of everything. All we need is an outline of the work done and we can take care of it for you, making sure the words and images work for potential customers and Google alike.

To get in touch and discuss the possibilities, send us a quick email or give us a call on 01970 626035.