The bespoke Yacht Rigging UK website goes live

Welcome to the brand new and quite lovely Yacht Rigging UK website.

Following on from building the Yacht Delivery UK company website we were tasked by the client to build a seperate website to market a new Yacht Rigging service. As with the Yacht Delivery UK website this is a bespoke designed website matched to a content management system (CMS).

The Aled Ellis Wales one page micro website goes live

Following on from the main Aled Ellis website, we were asked to build a single page website to take advantage of the .wales domain name.

The bespoke Aled Ellis Wales micro site takes its cues from the main site, utilising a couple of the home page features including latest properties and lettings and the social links. The aim of this smaller, single page website is to utilise the .wales domain name and offer a second point of entry to those looking online for properties in Wales.

The bespoke Yacht Delivery UK website goes live

Welcome to the brand new Yacht Delivery UK website, and very beautiful she is too if we don't mind saying so ourselves.

The first Yacht Delivery UK website helped establish this young and dynamic company, the second took advantage of the shift towards mobile browsing to help the business grow, but for this latest iteration the company wanted a bespoke website that would build the brand and take the company to the next level.

The Lewis Taxis website goes live

New for the start of the year, we bring you the small but perfectly formed Lewis Taxis website.

Built to a simple yet clean design, it's fully responsive and can be viewed perfectly on any screen size. Starting with just a few pages for now, as it is built on a CMS it will grow with the company and adapt to their needs going forward.

The newly updated Fused UK website goes live

As one of our very first clients, we take great pride in our continuing relationship with all the team at Fused UK, and we are proud to bring you the new Fused UK website.

Built on the latest Joomla CMS and with a fully responsive design and modern colour mix, we think the new Fused UK website builds on the previous design, whilst adding some modern touches to help develop the company brand further.

A guide to what's involved in getting a website built and online

Creating a website is a mixture of inspiration, frustration, fear, joy, panic, psychology, quiet moments of self contemplation, tea, cake, a bunch of super specialist ninja skills, time and a budget that helps those involved create something of genuine value to a business.

The process outlined below is how we and many other individuals, studios and agencies create websites, and although what we cover here leans towards full service projects, every website will utilise these service elements in some form or other.

This is a reasonably long post, so you might want to get a cup of tea and some cake before you start.

Add a blog to your website and turn your knowledge and experience into sales

Google wants to give its users the right answer to any question asked, to that end companies that offer usable and useful content are now considered to be of a higher value than those who don't.

Google has a bunch of things it takes into consideration when offering websites to users based on their search enquiries, but their focus has increasingly moved towards promoting websites that deliver high quality content with a real world value to the end user.

The Aled Ellis estate agents website goes live

A completely bespoke property listings and management solution.

Built to the individual needs of our client, the Aled Ellis estate agency website is the perfect property portfolio solution. Developed to be easy to use, attract new customers and work hard to grow the clients business.

Using a custom developed administration/management system, and designed to be intuitive and user friendly, we developed an estate agents website platform with a raft of business specific features that make the day to day running of a property sales and lettings business simple and rewarding.

The Ewe Manage IT website for Hybu Cig Cymru goes live

A custom developed online resource that promotes the HCC project to determine the barriers involved and support the use of electronic recording of sheep flocks.

The project aims to encourage sheep farmers to use electronic (EID) recording systems to help their flock management, and this website was developed to provide practical information on both EID recording, and in the early stages a voucher to help farmers towards funding the purchase of EID equipment.

The newly updated Lewis Coaches website goes live

For the last 35 years Lewis Coaches have delivered a broad range of travel services for the local community, and for student, international and specialist tour companies.

Based in Llanrhystud near Aberystwyth, they were looking to build on their recent growth and update their website. This is our second collaboration with Lewis Coaches, and using our original build as a foundation, the new Lewis Coaches website uses the very latest version of the award winning Joomla CMS platform, with a design which took cues from the previous website but with a new spin.

A quick guide to why website design costs what it does

Here's a very quick overview of what goes into the value you see on your proposal or invoice.

There is no guideline rate for creative or technical services such as website design, marketing, copywriting, branding or consulting. It's a free market, and individuals and companies will charge what they need to keep the buisness healthy and profitable, and in the UK that can mean anything from £25 to £500+ an hour.

The new Access Traffic Management website goes live

Access Traffic Management Ltd is a progressive company specialising in the supply of safe, effective temporary traffic management.

Working closely with the Access Management team to deliver a clean, crisp build, this new website makes great use of the colour white and the company's stock imagery to deliver a website which looks great on pc's, laptops and mobile phones.

The newly refreshed Yacht Delivery UK website goes live

Our second collaboration with Yacht Delivery UK.

The first Yacht Delivery UK website brought increased exposure to this young and dynamic company, and for our second collaboration they wanted to take advantage of both the increase in customer attention and the shift towards mobile browsing. The newly refreshed Yacht Delivery UK website is now fully responsive, and added to the subtle shift in design this small company is set to grow further still.

Why Google wants your business to have a mobile friendly website

Is your website responsive aka mobile friendly?

If the answer is yes, that's great, Google thinks you're fab. If the answer is no, it is likely your search position or ranking will drop below the websites that are.

As of April 21st 2015, Google updated its search algorithm in favour of mobile friendly or 'responsive' websites, and by responsive we mean websites that automatically adjust their size and layout so as to be legible and usable on mobile devices such as your phone, tablet and laptop.

The newly updated Baz Watkins website goes live

Here's the revamped version of my personal website including the new branding.

Rebuilt from the ground up to house all my non work stuff, you know music, photos, that sort of thing. It's still a bit of an ego trip, but at least the music's nice.

The new FD Energy website goes live

FD Energy are Biomass heating specialists providing domestic and commercial heating solutions.

As a brand new company FD Energy wanted a modern, professional website to promote their specialist Biomass, Wood Burning, Gas & Oil and Solar Thermal heating services. Working closely with Neil and John we delivered a website that was easy to use, informative and highly visual.

A guide to the cost of UK based website design services

Spend a few minutes online and you will see that the cost of UK based website design services differ dramatically from designer to designer and agency to agency.

This is because there is no guideline rate for website design and development, how much you will be quoted will depend on what the company or individual considers a viable value for the level and quality of the services they provide. With that in mind, we thought it might be useful to put together a quick breakdown of the options available if you were looking to get a website created by a UK based supplier.

The new Yacht Delivery UK website goes live

Yacht Delivery UK provide professional yacht, powerboat delivery and skippering services on a worldwide level.

They wanted a website that delivered an instant impact. Keeping the design focused on the gorgeous ocean imagery, we opted on a design that split the screen in two, with the content working in unison with the pictures.

10 reasons your business needs a website

Having a website is the most effective way to promote a business.

Having a presence online is a necessity these days, because your customers are more than likely using the internet instead of reading ads in newspapers or thumbing through the Yellow Pages. They use their phones, tablets and laptops to go to Google and ask questions, then they scan through the options given, click on a few websites and choose the company that meets the requirements they have.

The new Baz Watkins website goes live

A personal website for my dance music mixes.

For the last few years I have been quietly making dance mixes for friends, family and anyone foolish enough to listen. Over time I built up a fair number of them, so was born to keep them all in one place.

The new Aberystwyth Cliff Railway website goes live

The Aberystwyth Cliff Railway is a historic funicular railway and tourist destination overlooking the town and Cardigan Bay.

Situated at the northern end of Aberystwyth promenade, the Aberystwyth Cliff Railway was opened in 1896 and over the last 120 or so years it has become a must see destination for those visiting the town.

Why a CMS website is the perfect solution for small business owners

A content management system or CMS for short allows you the website owner to update, edit or 'manage' a websites menus, pages, text and images.

There is more to a CMS of course, but when it comes to normal everyday use a CMS pretty much hands over the post build management of a website from the designer to the owner. This is great if you are a small business owner, as you don't have to pay a designer every time you need to make a change, with a CMS and a little bit of training, you can do it all yourself.

The new Fused UK website goes live

Fused UK provide PAT testing services in and around Leeds.

Fused UK wanted to update their old website to make it more customer focused. They were looking for a website that would build interest and promote their professional electrical testing services to their customer base within the Leeds area.

Aberystwyth website design and branding

Aberystwyth originated as a garrison town, but over its history it has been a mining town and at one stage the 2nd busiest port in Wales.

Over the last 140+ years it has been known mostly for its university and as a tourist destination. In more recent times it has become the cultural, academic and administrative centre of the west coast of Wales. It is home to 13,000+ permanent residents, and during university term times another 10,000 or so students. It is also home to the Aberystwyth University, the National Library of Wales, the Welsh Books Council and the Urdd amongst many others.

Like many other Aberystwyth based companies create/enable reaches beyond its borders, delivering website design and branding services to companies looking to get the most out of life online. However, for create/enable Aberystwyth is home, it's our base of operations and we love it here.