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This website was built for Hybu Cig Cymru, an organisation responsible for the development, promotion and marketing of Welsh red meat. Built with Joomla as the foundation, we developed the Ewemanage-IT website to meet a range of requirements set out by HCC.

The first was to educate and inform sheep farmers about electronic (EID) recording systems to help with flock management. The second was to promote uptake of said systems by giving farmers financial assistance by way of a voucher, which they could redeem once they had completed an initial survey and application form, and the third purpose was to gather specific information via a range of surveys.

From a user perspective, the website had to be in Welsh and English, and be very user friendly so users with a broad range of IT abilities could register, complete the survey and download a voucher to help with the purchase of electronic recording systems for sheep.

For HCC, we developed a dual language user registration and multi survey system, designed to provide a voucher and application form for the farmers, and generate a series of downloadable excel spreadsheets that HCC could evaluate and utilise in the future.

The original goal was to get 1,500 applicants to complete the initial survey over a three month period, it fact it took less than two weeks to reach that target, and throughout that time everything worked flawlessly.

As the website was funded through the Welsh Government, it has had a lot of scrutiny for both government departments and the general print and TV media, and if there had been a single issue this would have been amplified by all the interest around the project.

For the client, the website has been extremely successful, running three complex surveys in total, each one delivering valuable information, but for the very near future the website will revert to its first purpose, that of a primary information resource on electronic recording systems for sheep.

Outside the services already mentioned, we also provided some additional development work to showcase case studies and testimonials, some copywriting assistance and we are in the process of delivering ongoing management and development services.

Our involvement: Consulting, website design and development, hosting and management.

Update: Having exceeded all its targets HCC took the decision to discontinue the Ewe Manage IT website and the informational content it once offered has been transferred to the main Hubu Cig Cymru / Meat Promotion Wales website.

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